Own two feet – American edition

Last year, Peter tried an experiment called “Operation Two Feet” in which in which he attempted to reduce his reliance on automobiles.  He started his project in September which was great for him (being South of the equator).  I was both inspired and jealous and so had to wait through the long, cold winter to take my shot at something similar.

So, taking advantage of a nice, early spring week I decided to try to bike to work at least once a week between now and when the weather gets too cold.  The bike ride is about 12 miles each way and took me about 70 minutes to complete.  Virtually the entire trip is done on a newly refurbished bike path along an old canal system.

I’m figuring each days travel will save about a gallon of gas which at today’s prices is about $2.60.  Given that I had to buy a rack and saddle system to carry my stuff for $80 that means I’ll have to bike for 31 weeks before this thing pays off.  Not exactly a road to riches…


Each day I do this I’m getting almost 2 hours of exercise more than I otherwise would (the bike riding replaces a 30-40 minute run)

I get to listen to much more in the way of podcasts/audiobooks than I otherwise would (the time otherwise would have been spent on sleeping – about 30 minutes- and wasting time watching morning TV)

There’s no way to put a price on those things but I’d certainly give them a financial value more than 0.


8 responses to “Own two feet – American edition

  1. Good stuff. I bike to work most days, and since September have racked up 2000km (1250 miles).

  2. Oh, and how come you’re biking to work only one day a week? If you biked five days a week, you could pay off that gear in just over six weeks.

    • Well, I don’t want to be over ambitious (the whole slacker thing) plus I want to be able to incorporate other types of exercise in my routine. Realistically, if I bike back and forth I probably won’t do other forms of exercise…

      But, there’s certainly the opportunity to increase the frequency of cycling if I want. We’ll just have to see…

  3. Aw, for the love of god! You fanatics! I’m so sick of walkin’ for miles just to get to the d*** bus stop that I’d kill just to get a car right now.

  4. I tried biking to work but getting the bike up the spiral staircase from the front door to the study was a real bitch…

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