One more thing for you zombie lovers…

I just started listening to to We’re Alive which is a full cast, audio drama about a zombie apocalypse.  I feared it’d be too cheesy to stand but it’s really quite good.  Decent acting, great production values, good story.

On top of that, this thing seems like it was specifically designed to tickle the pleasure centers of my brain because:

  1. Well, it’s got zombies
  2. The main character is a sergeant in the reserves or national guard
  3. He’s in military intelligence (!)

Really, could they make it any easier for me to identify with the story?

I usually listen to hard rock or heavy metal while working out but I listened to this while I was biking back and forth to work yesterday and it was quite a good motivator.

There’s something about hearing the characters yell in your ear ‘Here they come!  Get out of here!’ and the sound of M-16s popping off rounds to give get you to peddle faster.

Episodes are pretty short making them easy to take it small bits if you’d like and tightly done.  Very nicely done.


One response to “One more thing for you zombie lovers…

  1. Given the precision with which this zombie-cast has hit all your hot buttons, I’d seriously consider the hypothesis that the entire experience has been custom-manufactured for your personal delectation by some nefarious adversaries from another spacetime dimension. Time for intensive ACH.

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