Yeah…Shiloh and I won’t be doing this

Just an amazing photo. How do they get the dog to go along?

“Dogs don’t perceive height difference, so that doesn’t worry them.

Yeah…I’ve got a 23 pound beagle that would freak the hell out if you tried to jump out of an airplane with him (although, to be fair so would I).

That reminds me that when I first enlisted in the Army my recruiter was processing my contract and said:

Recruiter:  Ok, based on your job selection and test scores you have the option of either getting stationed in Germany for 2 years or going airborne.

Me:  Uh, (I figured there had to be a catch somewhere) what would be involved with the airborne thing?

Recruiter:  Jumping out of airplanes.  (Obviously thinking I must have cheated on my ASVAB test to be asking such a dumb question)

Me:  Yeah, I’ll go to Germany.

And that, my friends, was one great decision.


One response to “Yeah…Shiloh and I won’t be doing this

  1. this is an awesome shot

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