Kvick Tänkare

Shark attack…4 million years ago.

Sweden proposes a memorial day for their veterans.

Sweden has been involved in military operations overseas since 1948. A total of 81 Swedes have lost their lives, with 16 dying in combat. Among the operations with Swedish troop deployment are named Korea, Kosovo, the Gulf of Aden (Somalia) and Afghanistan, where the country keeps a force of 500 troops.

It might be unscientific but this is an interesting look at beliefs within the tea-party movement.  I suspect, however, that many people would not be able to accurately answer these questions either.  Kinda makes any serious debate on economic policy difficult if you can’t even accurately define the parameters of the problem.

A while ago, there was a study saying that domesticated dogs originated in China, potentially as a food source.  I wasn’t particularly happy with that theory which is why I much preferred this new study which puts forth a different theory for the origins of dogs.

Dog domestication and human settlement occurred at the same time, some 15,000 years ago, raising the possibility that dogs may have had a complex impact on the structure of human society. Dogs could have been the sentries that let hunter gatherers settle without fear of surprise attack. They may also have been the first major item of inherited wealth, preceding cattle, and so could have laid the foundations for the gradations of wealth and social hierarchy that differentiated settled groups from the egalitarianism of their hunter-gatherer predecessors. Notions of inheritance and ownership, Dr. Driscoll said, may have been prompted by the first dogs to permeate human society, laying an unexpected track from wolf to wealth.

I saw Food Inc.  this weekend.  If you’ve read the Omnivore’s Dilemma and/or Fast Food Nation you won’t hear anything new here but the visual helps to drive the various messages home.  If you don’t think you’ll be reading the books in the future you can get the jist out of this film.  The file explains why we need to understand where our food comes from and how it ends up in those plastic wrappers in the market.

How you can make your own commercial and air it on cable TV for $100.  No, not one of those lame public access channels, how about Fox News?  How would a TwShiloh commercial look???

The first film in the ‘Millennium’ trilogy is now apparently available in the U.S. and getting great reviews.  I’ve written about this before you, loyal readers, you’ve got a leg up here.  It’s a really good film.  I’ll just second Peter Travers here:

“If you ignore the film because it’s in Swedish with English subtitles, you probably deserve the remake Hollywood will surely screw up,” wrote Rolling Stone magazine’s Peter Travers…

Rumors are that Clooney, Pitt and Depp are interested in the lead role which boggles the mind.

Besides, there’s no way they could get a leading lady as talented (and attractive) as Noomi Rapace

Finally, a bit of zombie fighting motivation…


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