Daily Archives: March 31, 2010

Language questions – Interactive edition!

Last night, Mrs. TwShiloh was reading a book (in Swedish) and pointed out that the phrase ‘mumbo jumbo’ was in it and remarked that she didn’t know that the phrase had made it into the Swedish lexicon.

At that point she asked:  “Why are there so many words in the English language for double talk?”  Swedes are apparently such straight talkers they don’t need to distinguish all the various ways one can waste time flapping their gums without saying anything meaningful.

Then I got to thinking about the various terms we use for nonsense talk and wondered about the difference in terms of their meanings and use.  And then it occurred to me that I’d draw upon the wisdom of crowds to help me untangle these difficult questions.  So, in yet another in a fine tradition of TwShiloh polls I call upon the multitudes to let their voices to be heard!

(Lung hu gave me the idea of the poll and then threatened me if I didn’t credit him properly.  Never let it be said I can’t be bullied into compliance.)