Kvick Tänkare

So Clay Shirky wrote a very interesting post about how complex systems (specifically the media) are unable to simplify when faced with structural competition (like user generated content) and have no other choice but to fail.  Felix Salmon riffs off that to argue that our banking system is too complex (and thereby a candidate for collapse).

My question is that if you buy those assumptions, how could our society remain recognizable if such major components as information transmission and the financial system collapse? Stock up on ammo and Ramen noodles kids!

I just finished reading The Somme by Martin Gilbert.  Eh…just so-so.  I really liked his book about the First World War but this book couldn’t seem to decide what it wanted to be.  Not enough detail to be a comprehensive description of the  battle (you barely know that Germans and French were involved), not enough compelling narrative to personalize the experience of battle.  Just a bit of a jumble.

I’m all caught up to the podcast ‘We’ve Alive‘.  Whoa…amazingly good.  Even if you’re not a zombie fan it’s worth giving it a listen.

Maybe the EU isn’t so unwieldy that all military operations run by it are doomed to fail.  Maybe they can get by through allowing individual initiative.

I’m having a hard time figuring out how much of the ‘Mexico is turning into a narco-state’ narrative is true and how much is a product of serious criminality and a media that likes to talk about the sky falling.  Still, this doesn’t sound good.

PBS has a documentary on Buddha tonight….looks pretty good.

Lunghu is predicting a significant earthquake in the San Francisco area “during the last week in April (around the 28th) and the middle of May (around the 13th)”.  He won’t discuss his methodology but if he’s right I think this will be definitive proof he’s cut a deal with the mole men and is planning on selling us surface dwellers out.

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