Spying in Swedish

Radio Sweden has recently started a new feature called ‘Konflikt’ which is a biweekly podcast which focuses on foreign affairs.  I hadn’t really mentioned it before because its first English language forays were only so-so but the current episode is worth a listen.

In this edition of Konflikt in English we look at espionage in refugee communities here, and its effects for those living with the consequences. Hear about the Chinese spy imprisoned in Sweden just last month, the Assyrians living in Södertälje who found their lives detailed in the secret files of the Iraqi Mukharabat secret service, and find out why the current Swedish legislation just isn’t good enough, according to some.

Foreign intelligence services targeting immigrant communities doesn’t get much play in the press but it clearly goes on frequently.  I imagine the problem is especially difficult with immigrants who have difficulty assimilating, either through language or cultural differences.

There’s also not to much out there on Säpo, the Swedish Secret Police, and this broadcast gives you a bit of a glimmer in what they do and how they do it.

Kinda makes me think of this….


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  1. There is nothing as great as 1980s music videos. Well, except for 1970s classic rock, that is.

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