Zombie Fridays

I recently saw Zombieland which I found to be very entertaining and a great addition to the genre.  It’s easy to make a bad zombie movie (most are) given the well worn cliches (and cheapness of corn syrup fake blood) but Zombieland avoids the big pitfalls to create an impressive movie.

My big regret was finding out the original intent was for Zombieland to be a TV series but CBS ultimately declined to make or show a pilot.  CBS probably wasn’t a good fit for such a show but cable could have done some great things with it and ideas like Max Brooks’ World War Z are ready made for a TV series treatment.

The movie doesn’t rest on gratuitous gore (the first 5 minutes are the most violent) so it meets the threshold for Mrs. TwShiloh to watch.  In terms of horror/scare ratings I’d rank it along with Shaun of the Dead (which I know you’ve seen).

The accompanying commentary, however, is total rubbish and not worth your time.  A whole lot of blah, blah and mutual back patting with little discussion of the story or insight into the making of the film.


One response to “Zombie Fridays

  1. I was so annoyed yesterday. Had to drive down to Palmerston North to follow up on some work opportunities and loaded up the first ‘We’re Alive’ episodes – I should have paid more attention to loading up the battery (or when that I think of it NOW!) picked up a car USB charger while I was in town. The built-in battery died 2/3 of the way there and so I was stuck with Radio Live (national talkback) for the journey…at least listening to Radio Live reassured me that I am not yet the dumbest person in the country…

    Agree re Shaun of the Dead but have yet to see Zombieland – will keep an eye out for it…

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