Blogger down!

I had drill this past weekend and we were occupied with Soldier Readiness Processing.  This is one of those dehumanizing things where you get shuffled from station to station and see various medical personnel who test, poke and prod you in various places to check off whatever boxes they need to in order to clear you to deploy to a fun and phenomenal places around the world.

A couple of observations…

First, this process is much easier to go through as a senior enlisted person.  When you’re junior ranked you’re kind of at the whim of everyone, you’re in the dark about what’s going on and there’s just an abundance of suckage.  But, get a bunch of stripes and chevrons and you can relax a bit and have some fun.

So…in cases like this…more rank is better.

Second, if you find yourself getting an immunization for meningitis and ask the medic if there might be side effects they may reply that there might be a little discomfort in the area of the injection.  Don’t believe it.  I’m working through a bit more than that right now….ugh.


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