Daily Archives: May 6, 2010

Yes, Prime Minister

Well, it appears the UK will have a new Prime Minister shortly.  I imagine during particularly difficult times like these, those who find themselves bestowed with the responsibility of leading their nation are inclined to look at the past to see how others have addressed serious challanges.

So, those of us at TwShiloh world headquarters would like to congratulate the new Prime Minister with some free advice from the greatest British Prime Minister of the 20th century and his permanent secretary.

Solving your economic and social woes while defending the nation

Rubbishing your enemies

And making things very, very clear


Law enforcement overreach

I consider myself a law abiding citizen with a great deal of sympathy for the law enforcement community who has a very difficult job to do.  Unfortunately, stories like this make me absolutely furious and convince me that our bizarre insistence on equating crime with war needs a major overhaul.

SWAT team breaks into home, fires seven rounds at family’s pit bull and corgi (?!) as a seven-year-old looks on.

They found a “small amount” of marijuana, enough for a misdemeanor charge. The parents were then charged with child endangerment.

So smoking pot = “child endangerment.” Storming a home with guns, then firing bullets into the family pets as a child looks on = necessary police procedures to ensure everyone’s safety.

There’s a video of the event.  I’m fairly confident I’d reach for my gun and return fire in this case.  A bunch of unidentified men (yelling ‘police’ in the middle of the night doesn’t really compensate for the cognitive confusion of being shocked awake and under attack) shooting up my house and killing my dog?

There is definitely an element of law enforcement that fetishized the military and loves this sort of thing (and for the life of me, I can’t figure out why they don’t go into the military where their inclinations can be properly channeled).  It’s well known that you just don’t get in trouble for shooting dogs as you can always claim it was ‘threatening’ so they get to shoot off their pop guns.  Here’s a video of the event which shows how the police were really inviting a much worse outcome.

“Don’t move!  Put your hands behind your head!”

If that’s not laying the groundwork to shoot the guy no matter what he does, I’m not sure what it. Fortunately for him, they worked their bloodlust out on the dogs.

And of course nothing serious will happen to these jerks.

The ‘war on drugs’ needs to end and police departments need to be reigned in and cops that do stuff like this need to charged with a crime.

So…here’s a reminder.  Never, EVER talk to a police officer.