Toto, we’re not in Kansas anymore…

Weston, MO – Greeting Mr. and Mrs. America and all the ships at sea.  I’ve arrived at the breadbasket of America for the COIN symposium.  Travel was a bit dicey as the flight from Washington D.C. experienced a mechanical failure with one of the flaps (best line from the pilot:  “We hope you all aren’t panicking back there because we sure aren’t up here.” The ‘Yet’ was left unsaid.) forcing us to reroute to Philadelphia (the nearest airport with the requisite runway length to handle the fast landing we had to make).  While the fire department escort was nice the whole episode meant that six hours after I began my journey I found myself exactly where I started.  While this was less harrowing that my last emergency landing I’d like to note that I’ve now seen quite enough of this sort of thing and would like to lodge a complaint with the powers that be that everyone should have a chance at aircraft emergencies before they start doubling up experiences on people.

From there, however, things went decidedly uphill.  More later when I can do everything justice but let me just say that I want to humbly apologize for any stereotypes I may have had about the area.  This place is freakin’ great.

Posting this week may be spotty to non-existent.  I was hoping to catch up in the evenings but the presence of a nearby brew pub may interfere with that plan.  Notes from the conference, therefore, may have to wait until the weekend or early next week.


One response to “Toto, we’re not in Kansas anymore…

  1. Told ya. KCMO is great.

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