The Red Baron

I just saw The Red Baron.  It had a weak story, poor acting and a forced and unbelievable romantic subplot.  So, avoid at all cost, right?

The only problem is the movie is visually stunning.  Great costumes,  locations, (what appear to be) period vehicles and the aircraft are beautiful.  They use CGI to very good effect in their depiction of action on the Western Front and the real winner is the dogfighting.  Amazing use of technology to demonstrate the confusion and dangers of aerial combat during the time.  Watching a squadron of heavy British bombers get torn up by the Flying Circus was really something.

With some good writing and direction the dogfight scenes could have moved beyond the ‘whoa, this is really cool’ stage to really build some tension and drama but I guess you could say that about the whole movie.

So, I’d recommend checking it out with the following caveats.  You can completely mute the sound for everything except the aerial combat (trust me, there’s nothing in that dialog you’ll want to hear).  But turn it up to ’11’ and get blown away by the way too short dogfighting scenes.


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