Kvick Tänkare

Now that I’m back to kind of a regular schedule I can enjoy keeping up with my blogroll.

Jason has a kick-ass post about cognition in snakes that involves putting them in a weightless environment.  I’m tired of these mother-flippin’ snakes on this mother-flippin’ Soyuz capsule.

Mike Bennett is starting part 2 of his vampire novel podcast Underwood and Flinch.  I’ve recommended it before so I’m sure you’ve all listened to it but in the off chance you’ve ignored my previous recommendations, it’s not too late to catch up with part 1.  Mike is a great audio performer and storyteller.  There’s none of that namby pamby Twilight sort of vampire in here.  Good stuff.

Brit Hume is an asshat.  My god.  Are lobotomies required to work at Fox news?

Sven talks about how small countries can think about defense.

Amazing video of that volcano in Iceland.

Oh…how I wish this was a real movie…

Unfortunately it was just an entry in a contest.  Still, a guy can dream. Go to the website and check out the close up shots to see all the B-movie awesomeness

And finally, I’m the motha-flippin’….


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