Best comment thread…ever

I’m either the world’s biggest geek, giddy because it’s Friday or this is the funniest comment thread I’ve seen in a very long time.

Those libertarians may be wacky but they’ve got some wicked sharp senses of humor.


4 responses to “Best comment thread…ever

  1. Iago,

    Funny coincidence: I drifted by your blog via Thomas Rick’s recent hat tip to you… only minutes after having posted a half dozen comments on Hit & Run, which I’ve been reading for many years.

    Wackiness aside*, yes, the crew there are easily the wittiest bunch on the intertubes. Even though a large percentage of the humor is inside jokes which may fly by most, there’s still enough snark to feed a family for a month.

    *re: Wackiness… I don’t get it. Anybody who is “socially liberal, economically conservative” (read: the majority of the public) would basically jive with your Reason-reading libertarians. Most libs are not “End the Fed!”-screaming, bazooka owning weasel farming, transgendered drug using anarchists…OR Tea Party/Glenn Beck “Get Off My Land” types. Most are bookish people who have a good grasp of history, economics and the constitution. The Ron Paul libs or the Lew Rockwell types are not the stereotype; they are the fringe more like. One thing that is a never ending source of amusement is when the Libertarian Fanatics come out to brand Reason magazine and all of its readers as apostates, ‘fake’ libertarians who fail to meet the ideological purity test. Every time that happens, everyone yells, “DRINK!!”. It happens a few times a day. Keeps the party lubricated.

    Its a shame that Rand Paul sparked all this commentary about his “end anti-segregation restrictions” etc. I think it was easily misconstrued as Racism, when he was waxing philosophical about Freedom of Association, and reducing restrictions on small business. Whatever. It was stupid, and so was his dad with his racist nonsense. Too bad these guys are considered the poster boys of Libertarianism. I prefer John Stossel, or maybe Andrew Breitbart. Or Nick Gillespie’s sideburns.

    • Welcome aboard…I was being a bit flip in my ‘wacky’ comments. No offense was intended. As my boss will tell you, I’m the king of off the cuff, superficial generalizations so I appreciate constructive criticism pointing out examples of such occurances. I’ve been working on it for most of my adult life but sometimes I just decide to embrace it. Hopefully you’ll hang around and keep me straight.

  2. I dont need to keep you straight. You seem to have things pretty squared away from the looks of it.

    Although I do think its funny that you have “Sweden” as a large-font-major-topic on your sidebar. Equivalent to “Politics” and “Terrorism”, and superior to “humour”.

    As Seinfeld would say, “whats up with that?'”

    • Heh…Mrs. TwShiloh is from there and I’ve taken a keen interest in the country. A bit to get familiar with what’s going on there when I get together with the in-laws, a bit for fun and I think it’s interesting to see how a small nation deals with issues and compare that with how we do things.

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