Oh…well, since YOU say so.

Why do I follow the Swedish news?  Because once in a while you hit upon pure gold.

A parliamentary election is coming up this fall and the various parties are getting their priorities and policies in order in the event they find themselves with the reigns of power.  The Red-Green coalition has decided that one of their first orders of business will be to:

…demand that the USA decommissions its nuclear weapons and military bases outside the country’s borders.

The document does not mention what means Sweden might use to persuade the world’s most powerful country to give up its facilities abroad.

Hmmm…perhaps by bribing us with free Toblerone?

Hey, at least they dream big.


4 responses to “Oh…well, since YOU say so.

  1. I don’t want to underestimate the influence of a World Power like Sweden…. but aren’t statements like this simply meaningless theatricals? Whats the harm in ‘demanding’ something you know (or should know) will never happen? Its political ‘lets play pretend’. The US might as well “demand” Osama turn himself in to the relevant authorities, or Russians to stop drinking so much. The statement seems all the more silly since it only looks at the US, and no other countries with overseas assets. Even if they did win, and followed thorugh with this ‘demand’, all they would do is look silly, and harm their relationship with an ostensible ally. Not exactly the kind of behavior I’d be looking for in my leadership. If anything, as a potential Swedish voter, i’d probably a) think they were stupid for sticking their noses in business that has nothing to do with Sweden’s own security, and b) be insulted by the idea that they think I’d believe that the ‘demand’ would have any effect. But who knows. Maybe Swedes *like* political theatre. Maybe next they’ll demand China stop emitting greenhouse gases, and that Indians stop eating curry.

    p.s. the article you linked to says “close all US bases” – not just nuclear weapons facilities.

  2. Yeah…they want us to close all bases. Hey, reach for the stars, right?

    This is sort of thing is exclusively for domestic consumption. The Red-Green coalition is kind of funny because they issue all sorts of strange policies positions that indicate they share a different reality from the rest of us.

    But, there’s a contentious parliamentary election coming up and this may be one way of firing up the base (I doubt it though).

  3. Travels with Shiloh: Come for the COIN, stay for the Swede…

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