Prepare for all the pop-schlock glory!

Quit wasting time on that American Idol nonsense…it’s time for Eurovision.  Eurovision is where 39 nations compete for the title of most vapid pop song on the continent.  Still, it does have some things going for it.  It’s fun to watch entrants that don’t totally sell out and try to sound like whatever mindless drivel is playing on the top 40 and incorporate a bit of their local style to their songs.  The voting is totally killer (watching which country votes for whom – you can’t vote for your own nation).  And even at its worst you’ll find something to enjoy.

Sweden, unfortunately, has been in a slump ever since ABBA.  Their stuff tends to be so sugary sweet and empty of content that you need to see a dentist afterwords or risk cavities.  Finland shook things up a bit when they won (a VERY big deal for the perpetual underdogs) with the heavy metal/horror make up band Lordi.  I had hoped that might signal a crack in the door for some rock and roll but that hope appears to have been ill founded.

You can watch the first semi-final here.  The next will be on the 27th with the final on the 29th but if you haven’t seen Eurovision before, I recommend you don’t watch too much at one go.  You’ve got to work yourself up to this level of poptastick horror.

Oh, the humanity!


5 responses to “Prepare for all the pop-schlock glory!

  1. Are people submitting brackets?

    I’ll root for Sweden. They did have a sorta-hit song in the US a couple years ago;

    I liked it. At I think they’re Swedish. One is named Bjorn, and their English was better than most Americans. That usually means Scandinavian.

    I watched some of those acts. Whew. Is there a rule against Heterosexuals participating?

    • Heh…yeah the contest does tend to bring our the more flamboyant elements of each nation.

      Brackets is a brilliant idea. I was definitely underwhelmed (in other words, par for the course) although Albania was a surprising exception*.

      The fact that Russia and Serbia made it to the finals is, quite simply, shocking. Those performances went beyond bad into the realm of painful.

      I have no idea why I watch this stuff. I need help…

      *Remember, all endorsements are relative.

  2. “Sweden, unfortunately, has been in a slump ever since ABBA.”

    I beg to differ. There’s these dudes —

  3. Well, I was speaking specifically about Eurovision and not the Swedish music scene generally (which is really good). Mrs. TwShiloh disagreed with me, pointing out that Sweden has won several Eurovisions since then and placed quite well in many others.

    I still say their music has been weak overall.

    I also have to admit that I’m still a bit wary of Europe from The Final Countdown but I just checked out their link and they do seem to have toned down the synths and repetitive lyrics and hardened their act a bit. So, I’ll check them out.

    I can see a post about Swedish rock is going to be in the cards at some point…

  4. Listen to Kee Marcello lick ’em strings!

    Couple of my favorites from ’em.

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