More music for the weekend

The Eurovision winner for the year.  Actually, a pretty good pop song.  Catchy without being formulaic and she’s very easy on the eye.  Lena from Germany singing ‘Satellite’

And despite my occasional scorn for Eurovision they did have some notable entries.

Turkey had the hardest rocking song of the night (a relative term) but not bad at all.  Especially for a country which has gone more traditional in the previous contests I’ve seen.  Plus, you can’t go wrong with a robot chick…

Cyprus had a catchy tune that I thought would do quite well in the pop music market here.

I want to reiterate my demand for a U.S. version of this contest.  How great would it be to have states competing, putting on display all of our musical styles.  It would crush American Idol…


One response to “More music for the weekend

  1. Well, as for the “US version” of this sort of thing, we almost already have them, with the CMJ festival in NYC and the SXSW in Austin… bands from all over the country are showcased for all over a period of a few weeks. If they broadcast the stuff for everyone… well, that would really make a difference. But the global music industry isnt really that interested in learning how to adapt, frankly. They are probably the dumbest group of companies in the world, having lost market share to companies like Apple over the last 10 years. The American Music business has been in a state of paralysis for a long time and they dont know how to change themselves. Frankly, I dont expect much better in the future.

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