Happy National Day, Sweden!

I almost missed it but today (June 6th) is Sweden’s National Day.

June 6th became Sweden’s official national day only 27 years ago, and it only became a national holiday in 2005. While there will be groups of proud Swedes found waving the blue and yellow flag at Stockholm’s Skansen, and town squares across the country, for many the day remains something of a non-event.

I was fortunate enough to be in Sweden in 2006 for the first time the Swedes really tried to celebrate the day.  It was kind of funny as no  one really knew what to do or where to go.  And the Swedes, not the most overtly nationalistic people in the world, were a bit muted in their celebration.  Still, it was a great deal of fun watching a nation try on a new holiday on for size.

You can see some of the pictures I took of the event here.


One response to “Happy National Day, Sweden!

  1. I guess that’s the response of an enlightened people. Not goin’ erratic with nationalist sentiments depressin’ everyone else in other lands.

    Of course politicians in some countries so enjoy usin’ these holidays for propagatin’ their own national mythos (sorry, pet peeve of mine) in order to rally support for various reasons, i.e. their own incompetence or to prevent “brain drain” due to large numbers of their own citizens migratin’ to greener pastures.

    Seems like only the Scandinavians are the only ones who are rational these days. Kudos to’em all.

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