Why the climate and environment will always lose…

Sentences like this from The Atlantic about political machinations in the White House surrounding the issue:

…she had prepared a policy document based on a short-lived interagency process designed to reach an internal consensus on climate policy, but the process got stalled and the document was languishing…

Read that again so you can absorb all the ‘activity as a substitute for progress’ goodness. That’s almost a verbatim description of Sir Humphrey’s method of making sure nothing gets done in government.

And remember, these are the guys who are supposed to be pro-environment.

When corporate and environmental leaders…went…for a late spring 2009 meeting with Emanuel, they could see that he didn’t much care about climate change. What he cared about was winning — acquiring and maintaining presidential power over an eight-year arc…He saw no point in squandering capital on a lost cause…At the USCAP meeting, Emanuel made his views clear: “We want to do this climate bill, but success breeds success,” he said. “We need to put points on the board. We only want to do things that are going to be successful. If the climate bill bogs down, we move on. We’ve got health care.”


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