From conscription to all volunteer

A few months ago I wrote about the incredibly lame Swedish recruitment ad for the Nordic Battle Group.  Well, facing the prospect of having to fill their personnel requirements by having to recruitment them rather than having recruits just show up like clockwork (conscription ends for Sweden on June 30th) the Swedish military is rolling out some new recruitment videos.  They’re definitely a step up although the endings are a bit strange.  The spots build up tension through a variety of scenarios and then the action stops and the following catch phrase appears on the screen:

“We are waiting for your opinion on our work, if you have what it takes to have one”.

Mrs. TwShiloh didn’t understand it in Swedish or English so its clumsiness doesn’t appear to be one of translation.  It’s not a “The Few, The Proud, The Marines” or “Be all you can be” or even “It’s not just a job, it’s an adventure” but hey, they’re new at this.  I’ll cut ’em some slack. Overall, a good first effort (or, at least better than previous ones…wait, if there were previous ones how could this be a ‘first effort’?  Ah…sloppy writing strikes again!).


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