Weekend Reading – Free dragons!

Barnes and Noble offers a free eBook every friday.  This week they’re offering His Majesty’s Dragon, which is the first in the Temeraire series which is historical fiction set in the Napoleonic Age…only with dragons.  Novik writes exciting, fun prose and her inserting of dragons into the early 19th century doesn’t feel forced or artificial.  She clearly thought about not only the variety of dragons which she wanted to exist throughout her world but also how they would interact, affect and be affected by different cultures around the world.

She’s created such a rich world that throughout the series she takes readers beyond European shores to China and Africa with the upcoming book (released this summer) going to Australia.  Based on a few dropped comments throughout the series, I’m eagerly awaiting her foray to American shores which should be a lot of fun.

I usually blow through these books in a frenzied weekend and immediately want to dive into another (sort of like Ring Dings) they’re so much fun.  There’s talk of a movie but I’m a bit dubious.  What should be a Master and Commander type film will probably end up looking more like Harry Potter…

In any case, you can get the first book in the series here (although I think you might have to register with Barnes and Noble).


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