Racial profiling, new and improved!

H/T to Will Potter over at GreenistheNewRed for this little gem I missed.  He links to an article which quotes the new head of the NJ Office of Homeland Security and Preparedness.  In an article about technological advances to identify and thwart criminals and terrorists, Mr. McKenna says:

“We are particularly interested in computer profiling, which is much more sophisticated, and quicker, than traditional racial profiling.”

Yeah…because the problem with racial profiling was that it was slow and unsophisticated.  Is this really 2010?  You’ve got to be kidding me.  Who, in any sort of official position in New Jersey could make such a statement?  The state spent ten years digging itself out of that hole and this guy dives for the shovel.

The next quote is worrying as well:

“Jihad, Crips, extreme animal-rights activists, it’s all the same: people trying damage the system,” added McKenna. “We need every trick in the book to avert disaster.”

I’m going to assume that he was misquoted and actually referred to ‘jihadists‘ because not understanding the difference by a guy in charge of a state department which focuses on homeland security issues is too much for me to absorb.

But…to lump Jihadist terrorists, street gang members and animal rights activists in one package reflects a deeply flawed concept of what a threat is.  To also indicate that those three entities could create a ‘disaster’ also indicates a weak grasp of the capabilities of those three disparate groups.

It also may indicate a belief that these groups can all be approached in the same manner which would be a dangerous assumption to hold.

More to follow…


One response to “Racial profiling, new and improved!

  1. “Yeah…because the problem with racial profiling was that it was slow and unsophisticated.”

    The Crips comment was crazy, but this just speaks volumes about his general view of the law, civil rights, and effective police work. Any way you look at it, racial profiling doesn’t work, but apparently the problem is that it doesn’t work fast enough? 🙂 Thanks for posting.

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