Imagine if Molly Ringwald kicked ass

I just watched Kick Ass and thought it was quite good.  In fact, I found it similar in tone and theme to Zombieland in a complementary rather than derivative way.  The story line which really focuses on passing into adulthood of the teenage antagonists (or childhood in the case of hit-girl) made me think of the John Hughes movies of the ’80s and wonder if these may be the modern equivalent.

If so, let’s hope there’s more to mine from this theme because I’m digging it.

But, that aside, check out the movie.  It’s a great deal of fun and there’s something about a 12 year old girl wielding some sort of Japanese polearm while slicing and dicing all sorts of bad guys while cursing them out like a sailor that simply did not get old.  So, while I may have posted this clip before, it gives me another chance to watch it in all its ass-kicking glory…


One response to “Imagine if Molly Ringwald kicked ass

  1. I concur. Found it to be funny and action-packed, right on the edge of sardonic and taking itself too seriously. Not a fan of Nicolas Cage but he wasn’t too awful in this film.

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