The McChrystal Plot

I was having a discussion with another soldier yesterday (you may remember him as the guy who thought our problems in Afghanistan could be solved by ‘sticking more bayonets into more people’) when he told me the real story behind the whole Rolling Stone article.  According to this guy (whose sources were ‘SF types who know what’s going on and are senior ranking’) McChrystal was fed up with getting ignored and kicked around by the Obama administration and so (somehow – it’s not entirely clear) orchestrated this whole fiasco as a way to get out of command.

You see, according to this account, McChrystal needed more resources and was ready to start kicking ass and taking names but those pansies in the White House kept forcing him to play patty cake with the incompetent Eikenberry and Holbrooke.  THEN they had the audacity to insult our best friend in the country (Karzai).

So, McChrystal finally had enough and wanted to get out BUT also wanted to keep his four stars so he came up with this scheme to get his staff to say all sorts of things that would be bad enough for him to have to go but not bad enough to jeopardize his rank.

Usually in circumstances like this, I find it best to just smile, nod and back up sloooowly to the exit.  And never turn your back…


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