Weekend wrap up…

I’m working on part 3 of my law enforcement/military intelligence mash up post.  I had intended on getting it out by now but don’t want to rush it.  Please stay patient…it’s coming.

Jerome Starkey has a phenomenal picture of Afghanistan’s first national park.  Even if I wasn’t suffering through a heat wave I’d want to visit this place a take a swim in the cool, cool waters.  It’s been awhile since I was jealous of someone being in Afghanistan but Jerome has gotten me pretty close.

Speaking of Brits…The British Embassy is bragging about how much they use social media.

Social media is sometimes about increasing our reach – half a billion Facebook users is a big potential audience. But more often it’s about increasing the depth and quality of engagement with particular audiences, and learning from others.

…sigh…Where I work the fax machine is still seen as cutting edge.  And apparently (based on the ever more restrictive internet barriers they install) the internet is only seen as a place to get free porn.

As it says at the Daily Dish..”This guy really loves rainbows.”  You gotta listen to this.  No, you REALLY gotta listen to this…


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