Stupid is and stupid does

I know I shouldn’t but I can’t help getting offended by the celebration of stupidity that is Sarah Palin.  She and her followers revel in ignorance and call it ‘common sense’.  Take, for example, this clip (by way of the Daily Dish).  As Bill O’Reilly (?!) presses her for detailed answers about immigration you can have absolutely no doubt that she hasn’t thought about the issue in any depth.

So, for example, after O’Reilly presents a future in which the border is 100% secure he asks what should be done about the millions of illegals in the country now.  Palin responds, after a bit of questioning, that all illegals should register with the government, kinda-sorta implying that they could stay while those that don’t comply would get deported.  As O’Reilly zeros in on that (whiff of amnesty anyone?), Palin senses resistance and immediately shifts to a ‘deport everyone’ stance, making the idea that illegals would register just goofy.  But it’s totally clear she hasn’t thought a whit about this issue apart from repeating over and over ‘secure the border’.

I won’t talk about her position of a dramatic militarization of the border, using as many forces ‘as it takes’ (whatever that means).  Her off handed comments seemed to indicate she’d be willing to mobilize 10,000 to 15,000 National Guardsmen (and maybe more since this is the ‘most important’ issue we face).  So now, guardsmen will rotate between one year tours of Iraq, Afghanistan and Mexico (Hey, what happened to Iran?  eds.).

If I knew I could be a wealthy, respected media star by talking bat shit crazy I would have gone that route years ago.


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