Ch-ch-ch-ch Cherry Bomb!!! (Music Monday – Tuesday edition)

I watched The Runaways last night.  They had broken up by the time I really started to enjoy music so I didn’t know much of the band’s back story and never really gave their catalog a listen (But he still has a crush on Joan Jett.  That’s gotta count for something.  eds).  Maybe because I didn’t have a good connection with the music the movie didn’t really resonate with me other than as a cliched tale of rock n roll excess only this time with teenage girls.

The movie really focused on Joan Jett and Cherie Currie rather than the band (I think Lita Ford has about 90 seconds of lines) and the other band members are really there just to hold the instruments…totally forgettable.

Still, it wasn’t bad.  Kristen Stewart was really good as Jett.  This goes a long way to making up for inflicting the Twilight movies on civilization.  And Dakota Fanning might be on her way to a successful transition from child to adult (no, not that kind of ‘adult’) actress.  There was one scene where her acting was wooden but it could have been bad writing.

The movie also did a great job in capturing the concert feel.  So….here’s The Runaways.  First the actual group in Tokyo and then the video for the movie.


One response to “Ch-ch-ch-ch Cherry Bomb!!! (Music Monday – Tuesday edition)

  1. The movie was great, but I can really identify with the era, the actresses did a great job and DF is really making that transformation from child actress to adult actress.


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