Kvick Tänkare

The next time your special someone sings that Modern English classic to you, ask them if they’re aware of the serious consequences of their whim:

All Antarctica would be under water at this point. The north polar waters and the water over the vast, recently submerged territories in Siberia and Canada would be getting deeper. At the same time, equatorial waters would be getting more shallow.

Large land areas near the equator continue growing and join with each other. By now, nearly all of Canada, Europe, and Russia are covered by a northern circumpolar ocean.

Peter from the blog The Strategist has returned to blogging life with his observations during a month visiting Vanuato.  His blog is called ‘Archipelago‘.

Speaking of the sea…Palmyra atoll is a mystery.

There is a far higher biomass (essentially poundage) of predators than there is prey, turning the pyramid on its head. How the system can support so many predators is still a mystery.

An article in the Atlantic says that our higher education system is deeply flawed and a waste for most students.

Steve replies ‘nuts to that!’  Well, ok, he said a little more than that.

Corona beer is vile and I won’t allow it in my house.  I apparently not only have good taste in beer but a highly attuned sixth sense for foiling terrorist plots.  Note to al-Qaeda:  You’re going to have to work harder to catch us at that little game.  Really, if you’re going to assassinate someone with beer spend a buck you cheapskates and get a nice microbrew.

EnglishRussia has some really cool illustrations for a children’s magazine.


One response to “Kvick Tänkare

  1. You’re so right about Corona. Dreadful stuff. When I was in Vanuatu I enjoyed the local brew, Tusker – surely one of the cooler names for a beer, and it tastes good too.

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