Daily Archives: August 12, 2010

It’s like seeing the pope, the beatles and a bunch of extraterrestials all in one place!

In a few short hours, I will be witnessing one of the most impressive exhibitions of human creativity.

Blue Oyster Cult in concert….

If you’re near Bethlehem, Pennsylvania get over to the Musikfest tonight as there may still be tickets.   If you’d like to stop by and say ‘hi’, I’ll be the guy in the green fedora and spats with a chrysanthemum in my lapel.

If you can’t get there, here’s a little Godzilla for you…

What sisu looks like…

My mother-in-law was in Helsinki earlier in the week, visiting relatives for her birthday.  She told Mrs. TwShiloh about a sudden storm that came out of nowhere and caused quite the rukus. Apparently, she wasn’t kidding:

Strong winds and lightning strikes badly damaged one of the stages at the Sonisphere Festival, and the equipment of several bands including Motley Crue was also ruined.

Organisers said in a statement: ‘A severe thunderstorm hit (the) Sonisphere Festival in Pori, Finland. Strong freak wind gusts damaged the stages and knocked down tents and fences.

‘Approximately 40 people were injured, two of them seriously.’

Now, the Finns have this trait which they call ‘sisu‘ and clearly it was on demonstration during this storm for I can assure you, my friends, if people from any other nation on the face of the earth saw a storm like this, they’d head for their basement bunker and await the apocalypse.

I mean, look at these crazy Finns.  Clearly, some sort of monster(s) are about to fly out of those storm clouds to inflict death and destruction upon us puny humans and what do the Finns do?  They slowly get up, take out their cameras, and gradually walk off the beach.

Need more evidence that the Finns are tough?  Well, they have a sauna championship every year and this year a Russian guy died in there and a Finn has to go to the hospital.

The competition, open to men and women in separate categories, had come down to the men’s final round, with six contestants in a sauna set at 110°C, (that’s 230 freakin’ degrees Fahrenheit!) where water was dripped on the stones at the prodigious rate of half a litre every 30 seconds to raise the humidity to intolerable levels.

It was anticipated that the fierceness of the experience – the volume of water is considerably more than would be used in a typical home or cottage sauna, where the temperature is more likely to be around 80°C – would reduce the times contestants could stay in the sauna, and four of the finalists came out voluntarily before five minutes were up.

Mrs. TwShiloh found the story a lot less interesting once I told her the finalists were a Russian and a Finn.  Her position was ‘Oh, well of course they stayed there until one of them died.’  Needless to say, competition between the two is intense.  I suspect even Mrs. TwShiloh was feeling the tug of her Finnish heritage though…

Me:  Hey!  This sauna championship was really intense.  A Russian died and a Finn had to be hospitalized!

Mrs. TwS:  But the Finn won, right?