Daily Archives: August 17, 2010

Concert wrap-up

So…I know you all can hardly contain yourselves waiting to hear my impressions of the Blue Oyster Cult concert last week.  Big surprise…I really enjoyed it.  It was a short set because they were only opening for Styx (I didn’t stay for that…if Dennis DeYoung was with the band I would have but it’s not like they could have been better than BOC so what was the point).

The guys sounded amazing.  This marked the sixth time I’ve seen these guys over the past 22 years (Holy crap, you are old.  eds)!  Is is possible for a bunch of dudes in their 60s to sound better than they did in their 40s?  I have to admit, their early studio work was never my favorite since it always sounded…old…and at times like they were trying a bit too hard to sound like the Doors but they’ve really re-imagined many of those songs and they sound totally fresh.  Case in point:  Quicklime Girl.

Eric Bloom gets better and better every time I see him live.  Buck Dharma continues to play the guitar cooler than anyone around.  The band was really good when I first saw them in ’88.  Now they seem like a well oiled machine.  Totally relaxed, enjoying the crowd and music.  It’s a total treat watching these guys play.  Great stuff.

Given the short set, they were limited in how deep they could reach into their catalog.  They have so many songs that are simply required playing at a concert (Godzilla, Cities on Flame, Don’t Fear the Reaper, Buck’s Boogie, Burnin’ for You) that there wasn’t much time for anything else.  Still, I’ll take what I can get…