TSA goons strike again

I’m not particularly enamored with the TSA and its airport operations.  After all, they don’t have a great record of preventing dangerous weapons from getting on airplanes and aren’t exactly known for their sharp analytical skills.

So, what to do if you’re incompetent at your primary mission of implementing anti-terrorism countermeasures?

Branch off into snap analysis of financial crime!  Here’s the story of Kathy Parker:

She says she was heading to Charlotte, N.C., for work that Sunday night – she’s a business support manager for a large bank – and was selected for a more in-depth search after she passed through the metal detectors at Gate B around 5:15 p.m.

Two Philadelphia police officers joined at least four TSA officers who had gathered around her. After conferring with the TSA screeners, one of the Philadelphia officers told her he was there because her checks were numbered sequentially, which she says they were not.

“It’s an indication you’ve embezzled these checks,” she says the police officer told her. He also told her she appeared nervous. She hadn’t before that moment, she says.

She protested when the officer started to walk away with the checks. “That’s my money,” she remembers saying. The officer’s reply? “It’s not your money.”At this point she told the officers that she had a good explanation for the checks, but questioned whether she had to tell them.

“The police officer said if you don’t tell me, you can tell the D.A.”

When she got home, her husband of 20 years, John Parker, a self-employed plastics broker, said the police had called and told him that they’d suspected “a divorce situation” and that Kathy Parker was trying to empty their bank account. He set them straight.
It’s not the job of the TSA to determine if Mrs. Parker is having marital trouble…OR embezzling from her workplace.
Really…if we’re going to be inconvenienced at the airport could it at least be by competent people?  And if that’s not possible, could we at least hire people who aren’t pathological bullies?


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