Once more into the breech!

I really wasn’t going to blog any more about this nonsense in New York with Obama’s declaration of surrender and our forced conversion to Islam the proposal to build a community center kids will probably have to go to for lame arts and crafts classes during summer vacation and wonder if it’s safe to swim in the pool since I just saw Dave come out of there and while he’s pretty cool to hang out with I just know he pees in there…

But I digress…

Battle lines have been drawn and everyone kind of looks like a putz if you ask me.  The tin foil hat, live in your basement bunker crazies Republicans have attempted to disguise the fact that they absolutely refuse to  actually propose, like, detailed policies on all the things they’re bitching about and so are trying to keep people distracted until Election Day in the hopes of no one will notice.  Let’s face it, it’s worked for them before…a lot.  Every two years you can count on them trotting out the same tired causes…’Let’s add a constitutional amendment to prevent flag burning!’, ‘Let’s add a constitutional amendment against gay marriage!’    ‘More Christ in our lives.’  ‘Let’s bomb the shit out of the world!’  They obviously decided to switch things up a bit this year.  Nothing like the triple whammy of:

  1. xenophobia!
  2. cultural warfare!!
  3. fear!!!

Jeez…for people who keep shouting that America is the greatest, strongest country that ever existed they always seem to be worrying that it’s about to collapse if anyone even thinks an unkind thought about the place.  Either we’re a rough and tough bunch who are running the joint or we’re a delicate hot-house flower that’s always in danger of wilting…which is it, guys?

And the Democrats just love snatching disaster out of the jaws of defeat and have even managed to screw up their support for something as fundamental as ‘freedom of religion’ and the principle that private property is…private.

So…given that this whole situation is quite insane I submit Cracked magazine’s take on the subject.

But “Islamic Community Center open to the public” doesn’t have the same ability to scare people the way “mosque” does. I mean, you hear “mosque” you think mosquito, you think STING! You hear “mosque” you think “mask,” you think DECEPTION! You hear “community center” you think “OK. One more place I’ll never go.” So, yeah, clearly the decision was made by those who hate you to call this the “Ground Zero Mosque” even though it’s not at Ground Zero and not technically a mosque.

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