After all, dog spelled backwards is…

I know I just linked to Cracked’s website yesterday and I don’t want this to become a habit but, they had a most excellent suggestion.  In about 5 minutes and at NO COST, you can become an ordained minister.  You can marry people (well, if you want the proper documentation to do all that it might cost you $30 – but you can pass the cost on to your first group of suckers blissful couple) and get to add ‘Rev.’ to your name which is so totally cool I can barely contain myself.

And so, dear reader, in my attempts to make this blog your ‘one stop shop’ for all your life needs, I am pleased to announce that Shiloh is now a minister in the Open Ministry and available to perform weddings.  While I haven’t discussed this in detail with him I imagine the recommended ‘donation’ would be something like a wubba squeak toy (and not one of those sissy ones either).

'Dearly beloved...hey, is that a squirrel?'

This is quite an accomplishment for a 20 pound creature without opposable thumbs.  Long time readers will recall that he was singled out for his contribution to the War on Terror.  Perhaps now he can chair some inter-faith outreach initiatives to bring peace to the Middle-East…or mid-town.

One response to “After all, dog spelled backwards is…

  1. Congrats to Shiloh – have him shortlisted for when we renew our vows…noting that our dogs will probably shake him down for a slice of the proceeds afterwards…

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