A bit of culture

On a whim, Mrs. TwShiloh and myself went to a ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic concert this weekend.  I’ve been a long time (although not rabid) fan since I was a kid couldn’t pass up the opportunity to see him given that it was a wild coincidence we even found out about the concert.  After all, this is the guy who made a Dire Straits song almost listenable.

And it was well worth the $39 bucks a ticket.  Al puts on quite a show, clocking in at just over 2 hours.  He went through who knows how many costume changes and figured out how to cram all of his ‘classics’ into that time (not an easy feat given his proclivity for 10 minute, polka themes melodies and parodies of looong classics.

The two best songs of the set (IMO) were two new ones in the Yankovic repertoire:  CNR and Craigslist.  The latter was so good, in fact, that I’m tempted to give the Doors another listen.


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