Kvick Tänkare

Apparently, being a survivalist isn’t a U.S. phenomenon…Russia has at least one as well.  I can’t tell if he’s got tin foil under that do-rag though…

Remember…government screws everything up and can’t possibly run a for-profit company efficiently…Sweden’s 27 fully or partially state-owned companies are on track to break the combined profit record set in 2006. I send this stuff to my father when he gets all Glen Beck-y on me about the ‘fact’ that anything the government touches turns to dust and the private sector sprinkles  fairy dust over us and would never, ever do anything immoral, illegal, or even slightly distasteful.

I’m really no fan of our public school system.  Not because of the quality of the instruction (I really have no idea what it’s like today – it sucked in the mid-80s) but rather because of the broader cultural message it teaches children:  conform and submit to authority without question.  Worse, even if you do question particular decisions of existing authority, never, ever question the underlying system.  So, here’s an article which confirms my preexisting predilections about the dangers of our zero-tolerance policies in schools.  (h/t boingboing)

And we finally get to the bottom of another Starbucks controversy.  Are the founders of Starbucks so anti-Swedish that they can’t even say the word and have to use ‘Norse’ as a substitute?  I wonder how much outrage I can muster?


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