Critical thinking for everyone

I just stumbled upon a podcast/website by Kevin deLaplante who’s building a promising looking catalog of work revolving around critical thinking.  I’ve sampled the first three episodes of his video podcast in which he explains the value of critical thinking and the parameters of his project.  His goal is to produce 5-10 minutes lectures focusing on one idea at a time.  The podcast is now firmly ensconced in my queue.  Good sound quality, fair production values (thus far, essentially a PowerPoint presentation…no shiny objects or fluttering animation) but well worth your consideration.

He also offers other videos, some of which are free but the primary goal is to encourage you to purchase a membership to access a great deal more original content.  I haven’t had a chance to check these out yet, but I have high hopes.

I’ve felt that critical thinking courses for intelligence analysts can be a bit too subject focused and miss the underlying messages and concepts.  It becomes harder (in my opinion) when students feel they have an extensive understanding of the subject material that the instructor is using to demonstrate the practice of critical thinking.  In those cases it becomes easy to fall prey to cognitive biases and jump to conclusions, even when claiming use critical thinking techniques.  Therefore, a non-national security/law enforcement themed class on critical thinking is generally superior (although, you have to do more up front work when it comes to highlighting the relevance of what you’re teaching).

Anyway, give it a looksee…


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