Kvick Tänkare – Military edition

I’ve never been fond of the current trend of referring to American soldiers as ‘warriors’.  The terms aren’t synonymous and each has implications about the values they hold, who they answer to and their professionalism.  Kings of War does a much better job of putting those with a warrior fetish in their place.

Cracked has a list of five international incidents (a couple of which led to armed conflict which is why it’s included here) which were started because of an animal.  My favorite was the ‘War of the Stray Dog‘ which led to a dust up between Greece and Bulgaria.

Greek soldiers were sent out to occupy the nearby town of Petrich, where they clashed with Bulgarian soldiers and left 50 men dead. All-out war seemed inevitable, until the League of Nations surprised everyone by doing their goddamn job and stopping the war.
Greece was ordered to withdraw from Bulgaria and pay a fine of 45,000 of whatever they used for dollars back then. History doesn’t record what happened to the dog, so we’re going to speculate that it traveled to the United States and somehow caused the Great Depression.

A big ‘screw you’ all around to those who refused to repeal DADT. John McCain seems intent on putting as many nails into the coffin that holds the last shred of his integrity that he can (Stay classy, John!  Why don’t you kick a dog while you’re at it!).  Ye gods, it’s 2010, the argument that gay soldiers can’t fight or will go on wild sexual binges in war zones has been irrevocably shredded and the only thing left is simply bigotry and still the damned thing can’t get killed.

We’re 9 years into our Age of War and it’s has been entirely possible for the majority of American citizens to have not seen one casualty (let alone an American casualty) during that time because of media considerations for our delicate, sensitive nature.  I think that’s ridiculous.  If you’re going to send people off to war, you owe it to them to at least be able to look at what they have to go through.  You don’t honor them or their memories by pretending it doesn’t exist and the your buddy just lost his arm accidentally.  PBS has a clip of a group of soldiers in an ambush in which a couple get wounded.  Since such footage might dampen the right’s campaign of continual war (hey, let’s pretend only bad guys get hurt!) there is, of course, outrage from that corner.  I however, think it does those soldiers a great service.  They act professionally, respond to the attack, take care of their wounded and continue with their mission.  What the hell is there to object to?

Boingboing links to a podcast about the cargo cult in Vanuatu Islands.


One response to “Kvick Tänkare – Military edition

  1. 9 years into war and many Americans don’t know anyone who’s gone off to fight, or sent a son or daughter to fight.

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