Wiley E. Coyote von Cologne

Hopefully the ACME corporation has an outlet in Europe since it appears everyone’s favorite supra-genius* has pulled up stakes, left the Southwest and moved to cooler climes where the prey isn’t so savvy.

Staff at Cologne’s zoo are in a state of shock after a brutal attack on the facility’s penguin colony. Foxes tore five penguins to pieces, according to the German tabloid Express.

In 2008 in Aachen, they attacked another penguin enclosure, murdering 13 out of the zoo’s 19 birds. The calling card of the fox: decapitation.

No word on the presence of rocket sleds, explosive tennis balls or spring powered shoes, leaving one to believe that Mr. Coyote is no longer patronizing the ACME Corp (and after his nasty lawsuit who could blame him).

Bonus fact:  apparently a group of foxes are called a ‘skulk’ (no, not these foxes)

*  When I started my first job after graduating from university, I was asked how I wanted my business cards to read.  I responded that I just wanted a plain card with my name with ‘Supra-Genius’ written under it.  While the request caused a bit of confusion among the administrative staff and, ultimately, my request was denied.  Of course the company went out of business a few years later, a factor I attribute to their lack of imagination and humor.  So…nertz on them.


One response to “Wiley E. Coyote von Cologne

  1. Clearly no monkeys on the security team…

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