If you’ve got some free time today…

I’ll be giving a virtual presentation for the Army and Marine Corps Counterinsurgency Center today.  It’s unclassified and open to anyone but you might want to try to log in a bit early since it uses Adobe Connect and you’ll probably want to make sure your system has everything loaded on it to get the complete experience.

Here are the details. Questions will be welcome. 

Time:  10:00 CST, (1100 EST), (16:00 ZULU)

Those interested in attending may view the meeting on-line at
https://connect.dco.dod.mil/coinweb and participate via Defense
Connect Online (DCO) as a guest. Remote attendees will be able to ask
questions and view the slides through the software.

4 responses to “If you’ve got some free time today…

  1. That went really well – hit the intel nail right on the head and laid a great foundation on which to build.

    In regard to your comment that perhaps Commonwealth forces might do this complex environment intel analysis better, I think you are perhaps being a little hard on US capabilities at the same level, or, to put it another way, perhaps we (in the Commonwealth) tend to spin up our skills in this area based on some fairly narrow campaigns in Malaya, Borneo, Northern Ireland, East Timor, etc. This probably one reason that the UK struggled in Basra as the lessons of those campaigns simply weren’t as universal or as transferable as they were touted to be.

    Top effort on your part this morning – well worth dragging myself out of bed at 0340 hrs to listen…

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  3. I wasn’t able to get the website to load at work. Something with the security certificates.

    • Yeah, I got an email from someone else to that effect. No worries, though. It’ll be available for download in a couple of days if you’re interested.

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