Happy 5th!

Well, this is as good a time as any to celebrate the 5th anniversary* of TwShiloh and reflect on the past year which was a pretty good one for TwShiloh.

We began with a nice Halloween multi blog-project that riffed off of the War of the Worlds.

My recap of the Counterinsurgency Symposium got picked up by a number of much bigger bloggers resulting in a nerve-wracking spike in traffic.  I think I got a hint of what pre-teens experience when seeing Justin Beiber the moment I found out Andrew Sullivan linked to me.

My four year old (!) discussion of the differences of between tactical/operational/strategic levels of operation remains at the top of my hit list.  Apparently the classics never go out of style.

I finally finished all my coursework for my M.A. which means I can actually fit more ‘fun’ reading into my schedule (Who are you kidding?  You read think tank papers on the weekend for fun.  Now you can’t even use the excuse that you’re doing it for school so you’ll be exposing your geekdom to the entire world.  eds.)

In terms of the biggest drama associated with TwShiloh was Shiloh’s 24 hour disappearance which was emotionally trying for everyone involved.  He’s clearly showing his age now with arthritis, cloudy eyes, and fatigue setting in.  Still, he’s probably earned a decent rest considering all the miles we’ve run together.

People are actually actively searching for this blog by name, which is kind of cool.  One weird thing though is that I’m not seeing weird search terms directing people to this blog (which is probably for the best).  Still it was always entertaining to try to figure out how the Google Gods decided a particular string of words was related to this blog.

This year seemed (at least among the bloggers I read) to have a lot of blogging angst in it.  A lot of people contemplating stopping or actually doing so either because the commitment was too great, the feedback was too negative or they just didn’t feel they had much of a voice.  I’ll admit I go through those periods as well but the longer I do this the more I love it.  And while it was great do get hundreds of people popping by every day that had its own stresses and I’m pretty comfortable in my little corner of the interwebs.  This blog has been a professional blessing as well, giving me a creative outlet that isn’t always available in the workplace.

Finally, allow me to get briefly sentimental and maudlin about some of the bloggers that I read religiously and who stop by here, particularly Jason, Simon, Adrian and (last but not least) YT who, I’m convinced, picked his email address in an effort to make sure I’m put on every no-fly list in the civilized world.  One of the things that keeps me blogging is the comments and inspiration from each others work.  Thanks for coming ’round guys.

Well, that’s about it.  I’m expecting a slightly less hectic (yet still momentous) year coming up

*I actually think I’ve been blogging for more like 7 years but wordpress has had me for 5.  Quite honestly, it’s too much work to figure out exactly when I started so October just became the anniversary month by chance.


9 responses to “Happy 5th!

  1. Starting blogger kindergarten soon, eh.

  2. Dean,

    Thanks for placin’ my sorry-excuse-of-a-blog on your Blogroll. Happy 5th anniversary, dude! Lookin’ forward ta learnin’ more from ya in the decades to come. We should get together sometime for beer & cigars sometime. Which part of the continental U.S. are ya exactly?

    YT, a.k.a. Teh Transnational Terrorist, a.k.a. Enemy of the State

  3. “Well, that’s about it. I’m expecting a slightly less hectic (yet still momentous) year coming up” Isn’t that what Hitler said in his 1942 New Year address…?

    Nah, seriously, Dean, it’s great to have seen you go from strength to strength in the last twelve months and you’ve been a great inspiration to noobs like me…can’t wait til the 10th Birthday…Simon

  4. Simon,

    Off record here, but have you heard from Peter (Kotare) of late? I haven’t heard from him since my birthday. Send him my regards, thanks.

  5. YT,

    Peter still keeps active on his Flickr site (http://www.flickr.com/photos/peterhodge/) but he seems to have gone on a blogging hiatus for now which is a shame. His ‘Archipelago’ blog is still viewable but hasn’t been updated in a couple of months. His voice is one I particular miss now that he’s gone ‘off line’.

  6. Stockholm Syndrome

    “My four year old (!) discussion of the differences of between tactical/operational/strategic levels of operation …” And here I’d always thought that your ‘tac/op/strat’ post was all about the different flavors of intelligence ! I guess you really have internalized your new environment. That’s “about-face” in double time!

  7. Yeah I miss Peter, too. I continue to enjoy your posts, great perspectives, and I learn new things about Sweden all the time. What a deal.

    congrats. Keep up the good work.

  8. Isn’t that Gacy in the clown suit? What would Decter think?

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