Daily Archives: October 18, 2010

Swedish casualties near Mazar-i-Sharif

A Swedish soldier was killed in Afghanistan on Saturday in some sort of combat action.  According to the military spokesperson via Radio Sweden:

“There were two platoons, around 50 soldiers, patrolling an area about 40 kilometres of Mazar-i-Sharif. One platoon, including a Combat Vehicle 90 armoured car, was involved in combat and called for back up. The second platoon, with a pansarterrängbil 203 armoured car, came to rescue them. And when they came to the scene, they drove over a home made bomb, and the soldier who was killed was in that vehicle.”

Since the center-right coalition just won reelection it and has committed to an open ended mission to Afghanistan it seems unlikely that this news will result in any changes in the short term.  The opposition coalition has been split regarding Afghanistan with the Left (former communist) Party demanding an immediate withdrawal and other parties that want to remove Swedish forces at some future date (2013, I think).

Music Monday

A great song to run to:

Powerman 5000:  Show me what you’ve got