October fright fest

I’m finally able to catch up on some movies that have been in my queue for awhile…

The first was the Spanish movie [Rec] which was quite enjoyable.  Think Alien except instead of occurring in space it takes place in a Barcelona apartment building.  And instead of an Alien, it’s zombies (kinda sorta).   There’s not much in the way of character development but you don’t really need that for this kind of movie which is really more about conveying a sense of dread and claustrophobia.  There isn’t an excessive amount of gore, relying instead on good old fashioned suspense to deliver thrills and I found the subtitles to actually enhance the atmosphere of the film by adding an extra layer of anxiety.  Not only do you not understand what’s going on within the plot of the movie but you don’t understand what people are saying either.  I don’t think it’ll make ‘classic’ status but it’s a nice, solid movie that’s worth your time.

The next movie was Sunshine which had some interesting ideas but ended up being a mess.  It really does look like they had two movies and just mashed them up which resulted in having two incomplete (and unsatisfactory movies).  Even though the movie had some nice visuals I just can’t recommend it as the plot completely fell apart and made no sense.

Finally, Monsters is about an invasion of Northern Mexico by giant cephalopod sort of creatures.  Yeah, I know that sounds lame but it was actually pretty good.  The filmmakers appear to have had a rather limited budget so that had to go for a story rather than an effects driven film but that actually forced them to have a plot, which was a nice change of pace.  Almost all of the ‘action’ is in the first five minutes (but it is a pretty cool way to open up the movie) and the rest focuses on two people trying to get back to the U.S.  In that regard, it’s probably better to think of this as a relationship movie with a sci-fi backdrop.  It won’t keep you up at night but if you enjoyed the near future realism look of District 9, the visuals should appeal to you.

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