Zombies…it’s been awhile

Feels like it’s been too long since I’ve had some zombie news to write about but today, consider the dry spell officially over.

I was cruising through my ‘on demand’ section of cable and came across ‘Zombie Roadkill‘ which is an amazing 6 part mini-series (and when I say ‘mini’ I mean it, each installment is about 4 minutes long) about various roadkill victims which rise from the dead seeking revenge.  It’s got that Evil Dead over the top, campy humor (which makes sense since Sam Rami was involved) and Thomas Hayden Church stars as a tougher than nails Park Ranger.

And in my book, any film that stars a zombie squirrel that rips out your eyes and then inserts one of them into its own socket is worth watching:


Freddie Kruger was a wussy!


Amazingly, for a 24 minute series, it looks like they made another 5-10 minutes of special features and behind the scenes stuff.  All of which you can see here.

Here’s the trailer:

And the Thomas Hayden Church ‘PSA’


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