Zombie crocodiles…game over, man. Game over

Oh yeah, the end is totally near.  Now crocodiles are bringing down planes

A crocodile on the loose is being blamed for the crash of a small plane in the Democratic Republic of Congo that killed 20 people after passengers panicked and stampeded down the aisle.

…a passenger had smuggled the reptile, whose size wasn’t noted, on board in a sports bag. It somehow got loose on a domestic flight from the capital of Kinshasa to a regional airport in Bandundu,

The panic started when a terrified stewardess “hurried” toward the cockpit, followed by passengers. That threw the small aircraft off balance, sending it into a field of thatched huts “despite the desperate efforts of the pilot,”

But that’s not the weird part (believe it or not).  Ready?

Even though 20 people died in the crash, the crocodile survived!  It was killed after the crash by person or persons unnamed with machetes.

I’ll bet it was killed in the traditional way…



One response to “Zombie crocodiles…game over, man. Game over

  1. First it was muthaf**kin’ snakes on muthaf**kin’ plane. & now it’s a reptile of much larger size. Life imitates art indeed.

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