The HORROR (of intelligence analysis)

Yeah, there are plenty of places on the internet where you can find horror themed blog posts (especially today) and perhaps not so many (but still plenty) that talk about intelligence issues.  But where, gentle readers, other than right here will you find a blog that can seamlessly merge the two as Dr. Frankenstein sewed together the body parts of the dead?

If you’re a long time reader of TwShiloh (and have too much time on your hands) you may remember way back in October of 2007 (there must be something about the season that makes me return to this subject) when I talked about an idea I had for using the John Carpenter movie The Thing as a vehicle for teaching various aspects of critical thinking and structured analytical techniques.

Well, I’m very pleased to announce that I finally had a bit of time and put my money where my mouth was, developing such a course.  While it still needs a group (or two) of guinea pigs to test the concept I think my draft project exceeded even my original optimistic vision.

My list of learning objectives include:

  • Recognize how structuring benefits the work of an analyst
  • Explain how biases interfere with analysis
  • Discuss how structured analytic techniques assist in defeating biases and overcoming mind-sets
  • Discuss the utility of and demonstrate proficiency in structured analytic techniques to include:
  • Brief an audience about the results of a hypothesis generation/testing process that that disseminates results of research and analysis

As I watched the movie (again and again throughout the week) I became more and more convinced that various forms of media could serve as useful source material for teaching aspects of analysis.


One response to “The HORROR (of intelligence analysis)

  1. I volunteer to be one of your first guinea ( well have guinea and half mick) pigs.

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