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I want to party with YOU!

He may be a creep but if you ever get a chance to party with one world leader and you’re looking for an evening of debauchery you really couldn’t do much better than Silvio Berlusconi.

At the heart of it all is a Moroccan girl nicknamed Ruby, who turned 18 on Monday, but was still a minor last May when she was held in a police station in Milan, accused of theft until Mr. Berlusconi called and demanded she be released, Italian newspapers reported.

Prosecutors are said to be wary of the outlandish descriptions of sexual activities that Ruby said took place during what she called “bunga-bunga” parties, a term that has now spawned several You Tube spoofs by popular Italian comedians. Ruby has also said she received money and presents from the prime minister. Mr. Berlusconi has discounted these accounts as “trash.”

Well, I will say this for the guy, you’ll never see a sobbing apology to the people with him.  He knows what he likes and he’s not afraid to tell everyone what that is…

‘As always, I work without interruption and if occasionally I happen to look a beautiful girl in the face, it’s better to like beautiful girls than to be gay,’ he told a meeting at a motorcycle industry show in Milan.



Go vote…unless you’re voting the wrong way, then stay home and yell at the TV.

I was the 81st person to vote in my precinct today.  That would be Pennsylvania’s 8th (The fightin’ 8th!) in which a good, honest Irish boy Patrick Murphy is in a very tough fight against some potato eatin’, drunkard mick called Fitzpatrick (The previous sentence was in jest, please don’t sue me for libel.  I have no idea if Fitzpatrick likes potatoes) .  If all politics is local than Murphy’s done a good job for the TwShiloh household coming to our aid whilst we were lost in a federal bureaucratic black hole.

I got in a rather long winded, if good natured and pointless discussion today about the Tea Party (and modern ‘conservatism’ while we’re at it) and my biggest frustration with it (and there are so many to choose from) which is its embrace of ignorance and the substitution of ideology for science.  From there we got into a debate as to whether Sarah Palin is or isn’t stupid.  My father seems to think that since she’s attracted a large and loyal following she can’t be stupid to which I responded:

  1. charismatic does not equal intelligent
  2. she’s been unable to articulate a complex or sophisticated thought

Of course I couldn’t even get him to concede that roughly 20% of the electorate is batshit crazy either (as evidenced by people who think Obama literally is the anti-Christ or the numerous birthers, truthers or other wackjobs out there).    So, we were unable to reach agreement.

In any case, I wish I had this on hand…quite a nice tool for the next time someone asks for specifics about what’s been done over the past two years.

What the fuck has Obama done so far?

Speaking of The Thing

Since I spent all of last week eating, drinking and thinking about The Thing I’m guardedly optimistic on hearing the news that a prequel to the movie being made.

Now, they certainly have some challenges in making this film.  For this film to be consistent with the other then everyone has to die by the end.  That would be a deal-breaker for me if they weasel out and let someone escape.  So, I would really expect a sense of inescapable doom hanging over this whole thing.

Also, the reason the 1982 movie stands up so well over time is that it isn’t really a movie about monsters or gore.  Rather, John Carpenter really mastered the sense of paranoia and claustrophobia.  If the new film is a simple gore fest it’ll be doomed to obscurity.

To round out this Thing theme, allow me to submit these pictures from EnglishRussia of a Soviet expedition to Antarctica.

Finally, if you want to go really old school, you can check out the original 1951 version of the film from google video:

Halloween wrap up

Another Halloween season is down and I tried to delve into the season with mixed results.  Here are my findings.

Trick or treating was rather tepid.  We had some kids come by but nothing spectacular.  I can’t blame them however.  The community set Trick or Treating hours from 1-4pm on the 30th!  It’s like they sat down to try to figure out how to suck all the fun out of the day.

We started our way through the Twilight Zone catalog.  I thought I’d seen all of them but apparently not.  What a brilliant show.  Rod Serling was a particularly interesting guy and I highly recommend you check out this interview (parts 2 and 3 are on YouTube as well) with him circa 1959.  You could see the struggles between ‘selling out’ and commercial success being fought out even in TV’s early days.  I found his bluntness surprising and inviting.  Could you imagine a producer today alienating so many potential demographics on the eve of launching a new show?

We watched a couple of movies.  The first was titled Moon and the second was a Spanish movie called Timecrimes.   Both movies had promise and weren’t bad but I think both suffered from spending too much time with their central idea.  Both would have been much better had they been shorter (45 minutes or so…definitely less than an hour).  It’s kind of a shame there isn’t much of a market for shorter films like there is for short stories or novellas.  I’m not sure I could recommend these films but I wouldn’t actively dissuade someone from seeing them either.  If you find yourself on a barren asteroid with lots of free time on your hands, go check them out.

But, something I most definitely can recommend is The Passage by Justin Cronin.  The book has a number of similarities to Stephen King’s The Stand but without some of it’s flaws (primary among them the fact that Stephen King was the author).  At 845 pages it’s just about a massive as the King book (and since it’s only the first of a proposed trilogy the final project will dwarf The Stand) but without the long descriptions King is famous for that convince you the guy is getting paid by the word.  It also avoids the incredibly lame ending of the Stand (although to be fair, since this is only the first installment of the series comparing the end of the first book to the end of King’s entire project may not be appropriate).  It’s got something for everyone:  out of control military test projects, vampires, the apocalypse and cross country travel.  What more could you want?  There are some nice twists to the story, namely the way Cronin plays with the vampire mythology and adapts it to his universe.  There was some interesting imagery used in the story and it might deserve a second read to see if there’s more than just a entertaining post apocalyptic yarn in there.

Mrs. TwShiloh and myself got to catch up on the new season of Dexter and we continue to be flummoxed at how this show manages to avoid jumping the shark.  Every time we’re convinced the writers are going to have to go for the easy and predictable contrivances, they surprise us yet again.

And finally, I saw the pilot episode of The Walking Dead on AMC.  As much as I enjoy the comic I have to admit I envy those who haven’t read it since the whole storyline will come as a surprise.  Still, the series has a great deal of promise.  The actors they’ve shown so far are quite good as are the effects and if they can keep the quality up this promises to be a great, plot heavy series.