Go vote…unless you’re voting the wrong way, then stay home and yell at the TV.

I was the 81st person to vote in my precinct today.  That would be Pennsylvania’s 8th (The fightin’ 8th!) in which a good, honest Irish boy Patrick Murphy is in a very tough fight against some potato eatin’, drunkard mick called Fitzpatrick (The previous sentence was in jest, please don’t sue me for libel.  I have no idea if Fitzpatrick likes potatoes) .  If all politics is local than Murphy’s done a good job for the TwShiloh household coming to our aid whilst we were lost in a federal bureaucratic black hole.

I got in a rather long winded, if good natured and pointless discussion today about the Tea Party (and modern ‘conservatism’ while we’re at it) and my biggest frustration with it (and there are so many to choose from) which is its embrace of ignorance and the substitution of ideology for science.  From there we got into a debate as to whether Sarah Palin is or isn’t stupid.  My father seems to think that since she’s attracted a large and loyal following she can’t be stupid to which I responded:

  1. charismatic does not equal intelligent
  2. she’s been unable to articulate a complex or sophisticated thought

Of course I couldn’t even get him to concede that roughly 20% of the electorate is batshit crazy either (as evidenced by people who think Obama literally is the anti-Christ or the numerous birthers, truthers or other wackjobs out there).    So, we were unable to reach agreement.

In any case, I wish I had this on hand…quite a nice tool for the next time someone asks for specifics about what’s been done over the past two years.

What the fuck has Obama done so far?

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