I want to party with YOU!

He may be a creep but if you ever get a chance to party with one world leader and you’re looking for an evening of debauchery you really couldn’t do much better than Silvio Berlusconi.

At the heart of it all is a Moroccan girl nicknamed Ruby, who turned 18 on Monday, but was still a minor last May when she was held in a police station in Milan, accused of theft until Mr. Berlusconi called and demanded she be released, Italian newspapers reported.

Prosecutors are said to be wary of the outlandish descriptions of sexual activities that Ruby said took place during what she called “bunga-bunga” parties, a term that has now spawned several You Tube spoofs by popular Italian comedians. Ruby has also said she received money and presents from the prime minister. Mr. Berlusconi has discounted these accounts as “trash.”

Well, I will say this for the guy, you’ll never see a sobbing apology to the people with him.  He knows what he likes and he’s not afraid to tell everyone what that is…

‘As always, I work without interruption and if occasionally I happen to look a beautiful girl in the face, it’s better to like beautiful girls than to be gay,’ he told a meeting at a motorcycle industry show in Milan.



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