The Tyrant of the North

I’ve long thought that once Crown Princess Victoria becomes Sweden’s monarch she’ll institute a bloodthirsty reign of expansion and warfare (building upon her father‘s well documented efforts to build an indestructible zombie army).

She will crush your pathetic army with her horde of undead viking warriors.

Apparently their also engaging in some mind-control operations as well:

Nearly half of all Danes, Finns, Norwegians, Swedes and Icelanders would like their countries to unite in a federal state, according to a poll published as members of the Nordic Council met Tuesday.

Yeah…’federal state’.  That’s code for ‘toadies to the Swedish crown’.

By joining forces, the five countries could create a state with a population of 25 million and the world’s 10th largest economy, lending far more political sway to [the] region…

Hey, I’ve played Risk.  I know what having a strong base in Northern Europe does for you.  NATO better get their act together…


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