My Putin dream

I almost never remember my dreams but this one stuck for some reason.  All non-Freudians are welcome to interpret it…

Mrs. TwShiloh and I were attending some sort of event that had a Russian theme (a concert or something like that).  It was a large event and we were among hundreds or thousands and I had the feeling we had attended similar events in the past.

Then, out of the blue, there’s Mr. Putin.  He comes up to me and says:

“I’m very sorry the soup wasn’t very good last time.  You see, we didn’t know how many people to expect and were simply overwhelmed.  I’m sure it will be much better this time.”

I then ‘remembered’ that I had written a blog post about the poor quality of the soup and realized that the only explanation was that Vlad was a reader of this blog!  Two thoughts immediately raced through my mind before I could respond:

  1. OMG!  Putin reads my blog.  That is so totally cool!
  2. OMG!  I think I might have written some unflattering stuff about Putin and I do NOT want this dude mad at me.

I woke up trying to think of how I could identify any ‘problem’ posts and edit them quickly before Comrade Bear decided I wasn’t as amusing as he originally thought.

At least try the borscht...It's my mother's recipe.


One response to “My Putin dream

  1. haytham ghoche

    i know something may help you in this dream
    when in your dream you feel about something like you did it before and you did not
    when you are doing it now in your dream
    this thing happen in the life many times it happened with me
    even with my sister so in the life it have place so you have in your dream something related to the life and you can not dream in a real thing from life
    so it is from go to be in the future

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